• At least 72 hours’ notice is required for special orders.

• Orders must be paid in full at the time they are placed. Refunds are not given for orders that are not picked up.

• We may limit the number of special orders we can accept, especially around busy holiday times, due to production capacity.

To place an order, call the bakery at 612-503-5300, or email yummy@siftglutenfree.com

Cakes + Cupcakes

*All cakes and frostings are gluten, dairy + soy free.  * Sprinkles may have soy.

Cupcakes:           $21/half-dozen (+ tax); available by the half-dozen per flavor

Mini Cupcakes:  $21/dozen (+ tax); available by the dozen per flavor

9-inch Cakes:    $50 (+ tax) serves 10-14

6-inch Cakes:    $35 (+ tax) serves 6-8 *Note: 6-inch cakes only have room for very minimal writing.

Cake Flavors:

Vanilla    Chocolate    Lemon    Coconut    Carrot Cake (contains pecans)     Seasonal: Lemon-Elderflower

Vegan (egg-free) chocolate option available


Frosting Flavors:

Vanilla    Chocolate    Dairy-Free “Cream Cheese”    Strawberry    Coffee     Seasonal: Lemon-Elderflower Lavender

Sprinkle Options:

White Non-pareils (soy free)

Multicolored Sprinkles

Gold Sugar

Single Colors: Red   Orange   Yellow   Green   Blue   Purple   Teal   Pink

Decorating Styles for Cakes: (choose one)

Classic Piping (around top and bottom edges of cake)

Naked Cake (minimal frosting; can see cake through frosting)

Drip Cake (choose frosting from above; drip can be chocolate, vanilla or maple [vanilla can be colored])

Rosettes (covering entire cake; cannot accommodate writing) +$3 for 6” cakes / +$5 for 9” cakes

Rustic Swirl (simple frosting lines around top and side of cake)


$30/dozen; available by the dozen per flavor

• Chocolate Chip (gluten + soy free)

• Mexican Chocolate Chip (gluten + soy free)

• Ginger + Orange (gluten, dairy + soy free)

• Sunbutter (gluten, dairy + soy free)

• Confetti (gluten, dairy + soy free)

• Lemon Sugar (gluten, dairy + soy free)


$21/half-dozen; available by the half-dozen per flavor

• Sea Salt Brownies (gluten, dairy + soy free)

• Citrus Dream Bars (gluten, dairy + soy free)


$18/half-dozen; available by the half-dozen per flavor

*Note: sprinkles may have soy

• Chocolate with vanilla, chocolate or coffee glaze (gluten, dairy, soy + egg free | vegan)

• Vanilla with vanilla, chocolate, coffee, lemon or maple glaze (gluten, dairy + soy free)

• Cinnamon + Spice (gluten, dairy + soy free; contains almonds)


$21/half-dozen; available by the half-dozen per flavor

*All muffins are gluten, dairy + soy free (EXCEPT corn muffin [cheese]).

• Banana Chocolate Chip

• Blueberry

• Corn Muffins with Scallions + Cheddar

• Double Chocolate

• Lemon Poppyseed (contains almonds)

• Pear + Ginger

• Pistachio + Chai (contains pistachios)

Cinnamon Rolls

$24/half-dozen; available by the half-dozen

*Gluten, dairy, soy + egg free | vegan

• Available frozen (unbaked), to be baked at home; comes with simple glaze recipe

• Also available fully baked and glazed

Spiced Pear Coffee Cake

$21 for 6 pieces

Gluten, dairy + soy free

Banana Bread

$28 for one loaf (8 large slices)

Gluten, dairy + soy free


No minimums

• Classic Sandwich Bread: $10/loaf (gluten, dairy, soy + egg free | vegan)

• Focaccia: $6/square (gluten, dairy, soy + egg free | vegan)  

• Pizza Crusts: $10/2 crusts (gluten, dairy, soy + egg free | vegan)