• At least 72 hours’ notice is required for special orders. (***Please note: we are closed on Mondays, so Thursday orders should be placed by 4 p.m. Sunday.)

• Orders must be paid in full at the time they are placed. Refunds are not given for orders that are not picked up or canceled within 72 hours of pickup date.

• We may limit the number of special orders we can accept, especially around busy holiday times, due to production capacity.

To place an order, call the bakery at 612-503-5300, or email yummy@siftglutenfree.com

Cakes + Cupcakes

*All cakes and frostings are gluten, dairy + soy free.  * Sprinkles may have soy.

Cupcakes:           $21/half-dozen (+ tax); available by the half-dozen per flavor

Mini Cupcakes:  $21/dozen (+ tax); available by the dozen per flavor

9-inch Cakes:    $50 (+ tax) serves 10-14

6-inch Cakes:    $35 (+ tax) serves 6-8 *Note: 6-inch cakes only have room for very minimal writing.

Cake Flavors:

Vanilla    Chocolate    Lemon    Coconut    Carrot Cake (contains pecans)     Seasonal: Lemon-Elderflower

Vegan (egg-free) chocolate option available


Frosting Flavors:

Vanilla    Chocolate    Dairy-Free “Cream Cheese”    Strawberry    Coffee     Seasonal: Lemon-Elderflower Lavender

Sprinkle Options:

White Non-pareils (soy free)

Multicolored Sprinkles

Gold Sugar

Single Colors: Red   Orange   Yellow   Green   Blue   Purple   Teal   Pink

Decorating Styles for Cakes: (choose one)

Classic Piping (around top and bottom edges of cake)

Naked Cake (minimal frosting; can see cake through frosting)

Drip Cake (choose frosting from above; drip can be chocolate, vanilla or maple [choose a color for vanilla drip])

Rosettes (covering entire cake; cannot accommodate writing) +$3 for 6” cakes / +$5 for 9” cakes

Rustic Swirl (simple frosting lines around top and side of cake)


$30/dozen; available by the dozen per flavor

• Chocolate Chip (gluten + soy free)

• Mexican Chocolate Chip (gluten + soy free)

• Ginger + Orange (gluten, dairy + soy free)

• Sunbutter (gluten, dairy + soy free)

• Confetti (gluten, dairy + soy free)

• Lemon Sugar (gluten, dairy + soy free)


$21/half-dozen; available by the half-dozen per flavor

• Sea Salt Brownies (gluten, dairy + soy free)

• Lemon Bars (gluten, dairy + soy free)

Raspberry Bars (gluten, dairy, egg + soy free | vegan)


$18/half-dozen; available by the half-dozen per flavor

*Note: sprinkles may have soy

• Chocolate with vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry or coffee glaze (gluten, dairy, soy + egg free | vegan)

• Vanilla with vanilla, chocolate, coffee, raspberry, blueberry or maple glaze (gluten, dairy + soy free)

• Cinnamon + Spice (gluten, dairy + soy free; contains almonds)


$21/half-dozen; available by the half-dozen per flavor

*All muffins are gluten, dairy + soy free (EXCEPT corn muffin [cheese]).

• Banana Chocolate Chip

• Blueberry

• Corn Muffins with Scallions + Cheddar

• Double Chocolate

• Lemon Poppyseed (contains almonds)

• Pear + Ginger

• Pistachio + Chai (contains pistachios)

• Raspberry + Lemon

Cinnamon Rolls

$24/half-dozen; available by the half-dozen

*Gluten, dairy, soy + egg free | vegan

• Available frozen (unbaked), to be baked at home; comes with simple glaze recipe

• Also available fully baked and glazed

Spiced Pear Coffee Cake

$21 for 6 pieces

Gluten, dairy + soy free

Banana Bread

$28 for one loaf (8 large slices)

Gluten, dairy + soy free


No minimums

• Classic Sandwich Bread: $10/loaf (gluten, dairy, soy + egg free | vegan)

• Focaccia: $6/square (gluten, dairy, soy + egg free | vegan)  

• Pizza Crusts: $10/2 crusts (gluten, dairy, soy + egg free | vegan)